Creating sustainable SUPPORT for minority
communities in need of long-term SOLUTIONS


Eric Hadar

Our focus is on providing opportunities for communities of color and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Eric D. Hadar Foundation provides the critical resources essential to break the cycle of poverty, and gives families the necessary tools to sustain productive and successful lives.

“The goal of the Foundation is to support progressive and radical means to create and sustain independent and fulfilling lives for the thousands of people in need of the opportunities and support that I so benefited from.”

-Eric Hadar


Focusing resources on solutions that provide real impactful change

permanent-housing assistance
domestic skills counseling
mental and psychosocial health care
Job training 
Substance Abuse Support
affordable child care services 

“The problem is that the system is tilted – the wealth bias is real. After generations of excluding minorities from  our institutions, customs, and norms, now have a moral and financial responsibility to right these wrongs. Our mission is to address these issues head on and to create real opportunities within the our community. Addressing inequities in housing – education – job training as well as providing substance abuse services and to bring opportunities with long-term solutions to our communities.” – Eric Hadar

WE Are COMMITTED TO ENDING the poverty cycle


Donating to charitable programs devoted to our core mission of ensuring lasting, impactful change for inner city communities.

Eric D. Hadar Foundation $2 million DONATION

Division of Substance Abuse at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Division of Substance Abuse at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons develops innovative treatments designed to mitigate the personal suffering and negative consequences of substance abuse disorders.

HELPING those in need find availing opportunities


“We are deeply indebted to The Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation for all it has done to help advance our mission of fighting substance abuse disorder with the promise of treatment and recovery” 



The foundation’s mission statement is simple but the mission itself is complex, however our communities depend on it – THIS is leveling the playing field!


The Mount Kisco Child Care Center provides high quality, affordable childcare and early education to a diverse group of children in a safe, healthy environment.

The Hadar foundation is proud to provide scholarships for these working families in need.

About The Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation

Eric Hadar has lived and worked in New York for over 25 years. After co-founding Allied Partners  a private held, New York based real estate company in 1994, he and his two children have devoted enormous personal time and resources, both directly and through The Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation founded in 2014, to supporting inner city minority families in need with the essential programs, services and support needed to lead independent, productive and healthy lives.

Hadar has always prioritized the importance to his children of supporting the local community through dedicating their time and the Foundation’s resources to enriching New York’s racial diversity through creating access to opportunities to improve the living standards of inner city minority families in need of long-term resources and support. The Foundation works to identify those organizations, facilities and research that collectively form the most progressive and effective tools for addressing the systemic institutions that perpetuate the marginalization of ethnic groups, racism and general inequality plaguing many members of the community. “Successful, independent lives and equal access to quality health care, education and essential services must be made available to all members of any healthy community.”  Eric’s work through the Foundation is constantly working to bridge the winding opportunity gap fueled by systemic racism. The Foundation providing the critical resources needed to break the cycle of dependence, provides families the basic tools needed to sustain independence and lead healthy, productive, and successful lives. 

So far…

  •    A $2 million grant to Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons to support promising research in the field of alternative treatments of substance abuse disorders; including research fellowships and an annual lecture series to disseminate the latest research in the field. 
  •    Eric has been a dedicated Board Member and Trustee of the Samaritan Daytop Village Foundation, the largest non-profit homeless and substance abuse treatment organization in New York. Samaritan provides shelter and support for over 33,000 single parents with children, many of whom are inner city minority families in over 48 locations throughout New York City. Over the past few years, The Eric D. Hadar Family Foundation has been Samaritan’s leading donor, providing ongoing support in excess of $1,500,000. 
  •    The Foundation recently provided funding to the New York Junior Tennis and Learning organization to construct a brand new tennis center in Crotona Park in the Bronx, which provides local elementary school children and their families with tennis lessons, pre-school, after school tutoring and family activities. The goal of the initiative includes enabling parents to work through providing free child-care, academic support including individual and group tutoring, tennis lessons and family activities. The center also partnered with the New York City public school system to provide 6,000 hours of free tennis, academic tutoring, year-round educational, health and wellness programs providing a safe and nurturing environment for inner-city children of working parents. 
  •   The Foundation constantly seeks to support progressive and effective initiatives that aim to battle the widening wealth and opportunity gap, battle systemic racism and ensuring that members of the community are provided equal opportunities that have been previously unavailable. 

What's next...

Over the past few years, Eric has spent increasing amounts of time in Miami, joining a large portion of his family who have resided there since the 1970’s. Over the past few years, Eric has become extremely involved in new business initiatives in both Miami and Miami Beach, where Allied Partners recently opened an office. His son looks forward to attending college in Florida this fall.

At the same time, the Foundation has been actively seeking to support public and private partnerships to help address the need for accessible education, as well as the other challenges posed by the City’s enormous growth.